Official Statistics

Official statistics are produced in compliance with the Official Statistics Act (in Estonian) which entered into force in 2010. Official statistics reflect the status of Estonia’s economy, demography, social sphere and environment as well as the changes taking place in these areas.

The producer of official statistics in Estonia pursuant to the Official Statistics Act is Statistics Estonia, which operates in the area of administration of the Ministry of Finance and produces and publishes statistics and exercises supervision, and the Bank of Estonia, which prepares and publishes the balance of payments of the state of Estonia and the financial statistics required for performance of the central bank’s functions. The Public Administration and Public Service Department of the Ministry of Finance is responsible for legislative drafting in the area of statistics and coordination of sectoral cooperation.

Official statistics are produced on the basis of the Official Statistics Programme, which consists of the statistical work carried out by Statistics Estonia as approved by the government and the statistical work approved by the Governor of the Bank of Estonia.

The first Official Statistics Programme that meets the requirements set in the Official Statistics Act was prepared for 2011-2015 (in Estonian) and a list of statistical work to be carried out by Statistics Estonia can be found for 2013-2017 (in Estonian).

On 13 January 2011 the government formed the Statistical Council, which advises producers of official statistics and the Ministry of Finance. The Statistical Council has 13 members: representatives of Statistics Estonia, the Bank of Estonia and the Data Protection Inspectorate, and another ten representatives of users, respondents and experts. Experts are appointed to the Statistical Council on the principle that experts in statistics, demography, the social sphere, the environment, the economy and agriculture are represented.