Mission, Vision and Values


We are the governments expert in the implementation of tax, financial and fiscal policies, and setting economic goals.

Knowing the possibilities, we create solutions.

The Ministry of Finance is an active participant in the development of the government’s policy and is responsible for its implementation in its field – the government’s actions in the implementation of policies must be financed.

The main activity principle of the ministry is compliance of goals and resources. Goals must be set in such a manner that their achievement is realistic and that the necessary resources – the right people and money – are available. We have a say in the financing of all areas of the state and cooperate actively with other ministries. This calls for knowledge of the nuances of these areas, and an ability to see the bigger picture of the state’s economic possibilities and social development trends. All in all, the ministry must know the process and background of setting goals for the economy and the public sector as well as forecasts and the management systems developed on the basis of these.


The Ministry of Finance is a reliable developer of public finance and the economic environment. We want to be valued by our employees, partners and the general public. We contribute to making Estonia the best country it can be to live in and for people's self-realisation.

The goal of the ministry is to set an example in the development of public administration by combining the best global experience with Estonian innovation. We are the leader and authority of national economic policy discussion; we prepare quality forecasts and development scenarios about the future; and we analyse the impact of the government’s decisions on the economy. We offer solutions and activities for the promotion of policy areas in a timely manner.

The main areas of activity of the Ministry of Finance are economic, tax, financial, administration and fiscal policy, which we develop in a single value chain.

In order to meet the priorities we have set, it is important to be an active participant in making decisions at the EU level and develop an active dialogue with foreign partners. In our function as the government controller we can develop management quality and guarantee that the state’s funds are used expediently.

Our vision is implemented on three levels.

·         Behaviour and communication with employees and partners. It is important for the ministry to be reliable in the eyes of our present and future employees.

·         Development of professional competence and guaranteeing the high quality of actions.

·         Cooperation and distribution of information about results. We cooperate with our partners to achieve common goals. Trust is the basis of cooperation for our partners in Estonia and abroad.


The Ministry of Finance is...

  •  reliable

We want to be the leading expert in our field – one which is demanding about the way it acts. This is why we keep developing and requesting feedback about our actions. In our activity we rely on facts, we are honest with ourselves and others, and we are independent and unbiased. Our activities must be understandable to all of our colleagues and partners and to the general public. We conduct ourselves in an honest and open manner and we admit when we are wrong.

  • fair and open

We value cooperation. We want to be a reliable, fair and open partner. Inclusion is a natural part of our work. We respect the opinions of our partners and always explain the motives behind our decisions and actions.

  • creative

We are open to innovation, we have foresight and we are creative. Foresight means understanding long-term social processes and considering them in our decisions. This allows us to create innovative solutions. We develop creativity and try to learn from every experience.

  • rational

We look for solutions that are more efficient than those made before, and we don’t support innovation just for the sake of it. The solutions we create should guarantee that goals are achieved in the most sustainable manner. The same principle applies to us as well – our actions and decisions must be economically expedient.